Sally Rackets Author Artist Speaker

Created to be Creative Created in the image of a creative God, we are created to be creative. While there were many rewarding things about my previous ministry, there were few opportunities to be creative. After resigning, I made the decision— caught between paychecks in my sixth decade of life— to devote the next phase of my journey to using my creative abilities to communicate the love of Jesus. And so begins a step of faith to creatively communicate the love of Jesus to others as an author, artist and speaker. Jesus said, “I am the Door”. He is the way to the abundant life and the source of creativity. By faith, I begin this adventure, knowing without faith, it is impossible to please God, but with faith, in Jesus, I can do all things. So, welcome to this step of faith to grow, reflect, believe, encourage, create, and inspire others. It's going to be worth the risk. In the following pages you will have the opportunity to see my new book and some of my art.  As a speaker, I have the opportunity to turn some of this creative energy sharing with others about the love of Jesus. If you have a need for a speaker, please take a look at the "Contact Us" page and we can consider together if I would be a good fit.  I hope to encourage you on your journey with my creative endeavors as an author, artist, and speaker. Through it all, I desire to communicate the love of Jesus in all aspects of my journey.

Introducing New Gift Book  an Alphabet of Promises is our newly released gift book for the whole family. As an  author, artist, speaker... the new book launch to my creative effort. I hope you find it to be an encouragement to you those with whom you share it.