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This little book of BIG promises captures   the imagination of all ages. 

The winsome compilation of photos and biblical promises serve as a reminder to draw near to God and claim His promises with child-like faith. 
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Learning to Trust God

How it all started: Years ago when our children were young bad dreams or things that would go bump in the night could make sleep elusive.  So, I made a list of promises from the Bible and tied each one to a letter of the alphabet as a memory aid to turn troubled minds to more productive thinking. 

We made a game of learning the verses at dinner time and practiced them while running errands, as well as each night at tuck in time. Before we knew it, we had twenty-six reminders of why we can trust God in every situation.
This unique, 6x6 inch hard cover, designer quality, inspirational gift book with dust jacket is a timeless treasure and a delight to all.

Whether enjoying with your little one, or calming frazzled nerves at the end of the day, or using as a mnemonic device for memorizing 26 promises from God, this little book can encourage, inspire, and fortify you for life's challenges!

The bad dreams are gone, but the promises remain. Over the years, this collection of verses has refocused our attention on God, who keeps His promises, through all the twists and turns of our lives. 

At our daughter's suggestion, I developed the list into this delightfully illustrated gift book. My hope is that you will find this little book of BIG promises to be an equally invaluable resource for your life.